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Remote IT Support
Cannot justify a full-time IT manager, but
can't afford network downtime? We offer
remote IT support for your network.
Affordable Technology
Over 30 Years In The Industry
• Windows Desktop & Server Applications
• Unique GSM and GPS 'Black Boxes'
• Remote Office Network Support
• Custom Network Communications
• Video Acquisition & Transmission
• Send SMS Messages from Your PC's
• Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android

We will be happy to discuss your project...
Some of Our Past Projects
Business Applications, ROV Control, Video
Streaming, Automated Weighing Systems,
Microprocessors, Internet Servers etc...
Economical Web Sites
You don't have to spend big bucks to get
your business on the internet.  Prices start
at $25 per month for your own web site. 
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Custom IT Solutions
Internet Development
Network Support
On-site PC Support
Consulting Services
GREAT NEWS: We will offering 'No Headaches' web sites for businesses who need a an internet presence, but can't justify spending thousands of dollars...     👉   👉   👉     From as little as $25 per month...           👉   👉   👉      See link below. . . .